Concerts et spectacles à l’Amphithéâtre
Norbert Ernst & Kristin Okerlund

Eduard Mörike was one of the most fascinating poets of the 19th century.  A pastor of the Swabian school who led a secluded life, he nonetheless imbued his work with ineffable imagination and lyricism, be it in the evocation of nature or in the expression of feelings. Set to music by Schumann and Brahms, he would finally find his most impassioned bard in Hugo Wolf. In just a matter of months during 1888, Wolf composed 53 lieder to the poems of Mörike, glorifying their poetic splendour and steeping them in a harmony right out of Tristan and Parsifal. Norbert Ernst and Kristin Okerlund have constructed an enchanted path through this incomparable collection, from the boundless lyricism of An eine Äolsharfe to the rediscovered eternity of Gesang Weylas.

Hugo Wolf Mörike Lieder
  1 Der Genesene an die Hoffnung
2 Der Knabe und das Immlein
6 Er ist´s!
8 Begegnung
9 Nimmersatte Liebe
10 Fussreise
11 An eine Äolsharfe
  17 Der Gärtner
18 Zitronenfalter im April
20 Auf eine Christblume
24 In der Frühe
25 Schlafendes Jesukind
27 Zum neuen Jahr


  28 Gebet
30 Neue Liebe
31 Wo find ich Trost
32 An die Geliebte
33 Peregrina I
34 Peregrina II
  35 Frage und Antwort
36 Lebe wohl
37 Heimweh
38 Lied vom Winde
39 Denk es o Seele
44 Der Feuerreiter
46 Gesang Weylas

Norbert Ernst Tenor
Kristin Okerlund Piano


Amphithéâtre - Le 30 janvier 2015 - 20h00