Patrick Tourneboeuf
2014-2015 SEASON

Jeune Public

Share the pleasure and excitement of an artistic encounter; gain access to a wide variety of performances and activities… These are the aims of the season for young audiences. In a class, as a family or just between friends, the public can become acquainted with music or dance in all its forms.

A varied programme of performances

A varied programme of performances familiarizes young audiences to the masterpieces of our musical heritage but also works from today. Operas, musical performances, recitals, ballet demonstrations, dance productions, and chamber music concerts are offered in performances for the general public and in school matinées. Each season, some sixty performances play host to nearly 20,000 young theatre-goers.

Among the numerous events proposed for the 2014-2015 season, two key occasions are not to be missed:

- a new collaboration with the Atelier Lyrique will allow audiences to discover “Maudits les innocents”, a work by four young composers to a libretto by Laurent Gaudé based around the theme of the Children’s Crusade of the 13th century, with the participation of the Paris Opera’s children’s chorus, the Maîtrise des Hauts-de-Seine

- the revival of “Siegfried et l’anneau maudit”. The work, which made its debut during the 2012-2013 season and which returns to the Amphithéâtre after a tour of France, will invite the public to discover Wagner's masterpiece The Ring. We will rediscover the entire realm of fantasy with its giants, its dwarves, and its dragons, not to mention the traps, magic potions and other love philtres. Thanks to musical director Marius Stieghorst and stage director Charlotte Nessi, audiences will follow Siegfried, the common theme in this journey into the work of Wagner and the hero of the adventure.

Practical artistic workshops

Practical artistic workshops, aimed at families and classes alike, offer a first-hand experience of the performances on offer. Conducted by artists from guest companies, these workshops take place at the Amphithéâtre in the case of families and in schools in the case of students. Audiences can also immerse themselves in the artistic world of a director, a choreographer, a singer, or a dancer and then share in the pleasure of discovering the performance.


Custom-created activities

Custom-created activities for groups which run educational projects in conjunction with opera and dance. How do you organize a rehearsal? Who makes the sets and costumes? What technicians are needed to ensure the smooth running of a performance? Who is responsible for the programming?... To answer all these questions and to discover what goes on behind the scenes, the Opera opens its doors to students and teachers and offers visits, meetings, open rehearsals and tickets at special rates...