Concerts and performances at the Amphithéâtre
Franz-Josef Selig & Gerold Huber

Franz-Josef Selig is one of the great bass voices of our times. As Sarastro, King Mark or Arkel, his voice is both unfathomably deep and just as moving. An organist by training, it is not surprising that this sublime musician devoted his talents to the lied and his first recital at the Amphitheatre quite simply astounded the audience. Together with Gerold Huber, he pursues his exploration of Schubert and Wolf, evokes Richard Strauss and pays tribute to the singular Rudi Stephan (1887-1915), that brilliant student of Sekles and Thuille who was cut down on the Galician front during World War One.

Hugo Wolf, Richard Strauss, Rudi Stephan, Franz Schubert Lieder

Franz Josef Selig Bass
Gerold Huber Piano


Amphithéâtre - The 14 April 2015 - 8:00PM

Ticket rates : 25€