Concerts and performances at the Amphithéâtre
Soile Isokoski and the Aron Quartet

Regular guests at the Convergences seasons, Soile Isokoski and the Aron Quartet perform Schoenberg's Second Quartet for the first time. In this key Schoenberg work, the last two movements, inspired by the poet Stefan George, unveil a hidden facet of the composer's lyricism. The first part of the concert pays tribute to Benjamin Britten and Hans Werner Henze with the Quartettino by the former and the Fifth String Quartet by the latter. Henze is a fascinating yet little known German composer, who moved from the influence of Stravinsky to that of Berg. A writer of music for the stage, radio and cinema, he composed this quartet in memory of Britten. Here it is performed in tribute to Henze himself, who passed away less than a year ago.

Benjamin Britten Quartettino
Hans Werner Henze String quartet N° 5, in Memoriam Benjamin Britten
Arnold Schoenberg String quartet N° 2, op.10

Soile Isokoski Soprano
Aron Quartet

Ludwig Müller
Barna Kobori
Georg Hamann
Christophe Pantillon



Amphithéâtre - The 13 November 2013 - 8:00PM