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Concerts and performances at the Amphithéâtre
Recital by Phillip Addis

Amphitheatre regulars will remember Phillip Addis. In The Fall of the House of Usher he offered us a flamboyant portrayal of Roderick, both sensitive and passionate. This season he offers us a recital: an opportunity to rediscover all the artistic intelligence of this young Canadian baritone. Along with pianist Emily Hamper, he has put together a truly beautiful programme including Britten's Songs and proverbs of William Blake, La Fraîcheur et le feu by Poulenc, Abendbilder by Wolf, and a new work by Erik Ross: the composer's insatiable appetite knows no bounds, taking in cinema, dance and music be it classical, jazz or rock...

Hugo Wolf Abendbilder

Friedlicher Abend
Schon zerfließt das ferne Gebirg
Stille wird's im Walde
Benjamin Britten Songs and proverbs of William Blake, op.74

Proverb I
Proverb II
The Chimney-Sweeper
Proverb III
A Poison Tree
Proverb IV
The Tyger
Proverb V
The Fly
Proverb VI
Ah, Sun-Flower
Proverb VII
Every Night and Every Morn
Francis Poulenc La Fraîcheur et le feu

Rayon des yeux
Le matin les branches attisent
Tout disparut
Dans les ténèbres du jardin
Unis la fraîcheur et le feu
Homme au sourire tendre
La grande rivière qui va
Erik Ross Waypoints - Creation

Erich Wolfgang Korngold Lieder

Das Ständchen

Phillip Addis Baritone
Emily Hamper Piano


Amphithéâtre - The 11 January 2014 - 8:00PM