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Concerts and performances at the Amphithéâtre
Darius Milhaud & Léo Latil
Françoise Masset / Dana Ciocarlie / Quatuor Danel

"No sooner had this child begun to make his delicate voice heard than he sacrificed his life. He was among the youngest poets still unknown, he was my favourite for his pure heart, his selflessness, his angelic sweetness, his modesty, his yearning for the eternal which would have soon made an apostle of him. He was a lily plucked by an angel from the battlefield where he had ventured as soon as possible after the call up, in doing so overcoming the obstacles of his delicate appearance and the opinions of doctors... I think of the light of Aix-en-Provence, dazzling like the halo of a saint, and, in the dark courtyard of the mighty and impressive patriarchal home, the fountain's jet reaching up towards heaven, praying in a pure voice that never died away but was called back."

Thus wrote Francis Jammes, the author of Clarières dans le ciel set to music by Lili Boulanger, evoking the brief passage on earth of Léo Latil, young poet from Aix-en-Provence and childhood friend of Darius Milhaud. Milhaud, deeply affected by the death of his friend, dedicated several of his most beautiful works to him, showing a deeply touching innerness. Most of these are brought together for this evening, with the counterpoint of Honegger, Cendrars and Ravel.

Darius Milhaud String quartets N°2, op. 16 and N° 3, op. 32
Four poems by Léo Latil
Extract of the private diary of Léo Latil
Maurice Ravel Le Tombeau de Couperin
Arthur Honegger Pâques à New-York (Easter in New York)

Francoise Masset Soprano
Tiago Matos Baritone*
Dana Ciocarlie Piano
Danel Quartet

Marc Danel
Gilles Millet
Vlad Bogdanas
Yovan Markovitch

* Soloist of the Atelier Lyrique



Amphithéâtre - The 6 February 2014 - 8:00PM