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Comedie-Opera Week End

2013-2014 Season

6 exceptional weekends specially designed for spectators staying in Paris

In the space of a weekend, attend one performance at the Paris Opera and another at the Comédie-Française, and enjoy privileged access to major productions scheduled at weekends, thanks to a reserved quota of seats.

Weekend 1 (28 – 29 September 2013)

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La Trilogie de la villégiature

Salle Richelieu Saturday 28 September at 2.00 pm

Carlo Goldoni
Alain Françon Stage director

The Holiday Trilogy recounts, in three episodes, the adventures of a middle class caught in the trap of appearances and that tries to compete with the wealthy aristocracy during a country holiday, even if it means going into debt.

Lucia di Lammermoor

Opéra Bastille Sunday 29 September at 2.30 pm

Gaetano Donizetti
Andrei Serban Stage director
Maurizio Benini Conductor
Paris Opera Orchestra and Chorus

Madness is the dominant theme in this Scottish opera inspired by Sir Walter Scott and set in ruined castles on the misty moors. With sublime mastery, Donizetti combines drama with consummate vocal writing, giving the role of Lucia, performed by Sonya Yoncheva, a heartbreakingly delicate quality.

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Weekend 2 (2 –3 November 2013)

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Opéra Bastille Saturday 2 November at 7.30 pm

Giuseppe Verdi
Olivier Py Stage director
Philippe Jordan Conductor
Paris Opera Orchestra and Chorus

Commissioned to celebrate universal concord and harmony between the nations, Aida is essentially about conflict. The conflict opposing Egypt and Ethiopia is barely significant compared to that waged between the main characters. Hieratic and flamboyant, spectacular and introspective, one of Verdi's greatest masterpieces returns to the Paris Opera after an absence of more than half a century. Olivier Py directs Marcelo Alvarez, Luciano d’Intino and Oksana Dyka and Philippe Jordan conducts the Paris Opera Orchestra and Chorus.

Un fil à la patte

Salle Richelieu Sunday 3 November at 2.00 pm

Georges Feydeau
Jérôme Deschamps Mise en scène Stage director s

How does one get rid of a mistress when one plans to marry a rich heiress the same day? This is the problem faced by Bois d’Enghien, whose lover, Lucette Gautier, is a music hall singer and the artist hired by Baroness Duverger to perform during the signing of her daughter’s marriage contract with... Bois d’Enghien himself.

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Weekend 3 (30 November – 1st December 2013)

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La Tragédie d'Hamlet

Salle Richelieu Saturday 30 November at 8.30 pm

William Shakespeare
Dan Jemmett Stage director

On the walls of Elsinore, the sentinels fear the apparition of a spectre that the fortress walls cannot keep out. The ghost of the king of Denmark reveals to his son, Hamlet, that he died by the hand of his own brother, Claudius. A monument of Western literature, at once a political tragedy, a metaphysical text and a timeless image of modernity conveyed with unalterable poetic force, Hamlet asks what man is and thereby speaks to each one of us.


Opéra Bastille Sunday 1 December at 2.30 pm

Richard Strauss
Robert Carsen Stage director
Philippe Jordan Conductor
Paris Opera Orchestra and Chorus

In Elektra, Richard Strauss, a fervent admirer of Wagner, orchestrates the inextinguishable hatred of a daughter—Elektra—for her mother—Clytemnestra—and her desire for vengeance with sometimes unbearable violence and a fascinating darkness run through by an occasional glimmer of light. Directed by Robert Carsen, this new production will be brought to the stage by a trio of exceptional artists: Waltraud Meier, Irene Theorin and Ricarda Merbeth, under the baton of maestro Philippe Jordan.

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Weekend 4 (15 – 16 February 2014)

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Le Songe d’une nuit d’été

Salle Richelieu Saturday 15 February at 8.30 pm

William Shakespeare
Muriel Mayette Stage director

In Athens, Theseus prepares to celebrate his wedding to Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons. In the nearby forest, Oberon, King of the Fairies, is arguing with his wife Titania about their many past and present conquests. One and all end up crossing paths in the forest where Oberon’s spells and Puck's antics will sow confusion during a night where nobody truly knows if events are real, a game or fantasy. A dream perhaps?

La Fanciulla del west

Opéra Bastille Sunday 16 February at 2.30 pm

Giacomo Puccini
Nikolaus Lehnhoff Stage director
Carlo Rizzi Conductor
Paris Opera Orchestra and Chorus

With the adventures of Minnie, who falls in love with a warm-hearted bandit, Puccini gave opera its first Western, a drama of souls stranded on the edge of the world. Directed by Nikolaus Lehnhoff, with the formidable Nina Stemme in the role of Minnie, this flamboyant work is being performed for the first time at the Paris Opera.

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Weekend 5 (12 – 13 April 2014)

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L'Italiana in Algeri

Palais Garnier Saturday 12 April at 7.30 pm

Gioacchino Rossini
Andrei Serban Stage director
Riccardo Frizza Conductor
Paris Opera Orchestra and Chorus

The beautiful Isabella sails off to Algiers in search of her lover Lindoro, held prisoner by the tyrant Mustafa. However, the ship runs aground and the adventure begins... There are pirates, a seraglio, eunuchs, a palace by the sea: the complete paraphernalia of turqueries still in vogue during the early years of the 19th century. An opera buffa which has conserved all it charm and humour, to a score as fresh as the day it was composed and characters who might have been born yesterday...

Un chapeau de paille d’Italie

Salle Richelieu Sunday 13 April at 2.00 pm

Eugène Labiche
Giorgio Barberio Corsetti Stage director

On his day wedding day, Fadinard finds himself caught up in an incredible spiral of events in pursuit of a straw hat. That very morning his horse ate the hat belonging to Ms. Anaïs Beauperthuis right in the middle of her rendezvous with her lover. Fadinard is obliged to st off in search of a replacement hat...

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Weekend 6 (31 May – 1st June 2014)

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Opéra Bastille Saturday 31 May at 7.30 pm

George Balanchine, Benjamin Millepied, Choreography
The Etoiles, Premiers Danseurs and Corps de Ballet
Philippe Jordan Conductor
Paris Opera Orchestra and Chorus

This encounter between two great French composers and two choreographers from the New York City Ballet highlights the similarities and dissonances between them. Alongside Balanchine’s Palais de Cristal, set to music by Bizet, Benjamin Millepied adapts Ravel’s Daphnis et Chloé in complicity with artisan of light and colour Christian Lacroix, and visual artist Daniel Buren. Accompanying the dancers of the Paris Opera Ballet for the first time, Philippe Jordan conducts these masterpieces of French music.

Lucrèce Borgia

Salle Richelieu Sunday 1st June at 2.00 pm

Victor Hugo
Denis Podalydès Stage director

During a ball in Venice, Gennaro courts a masked beauty who turns out to be none other than his mother, a woman of power whose hands are stained with blood. Unmasked by Gennaro’s friends and suspected of adultery, she sets in motion a harrowing revenge whose implacable intent is inextricably linked to the fate of her son.

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