Jean-Pierre Delagarde / ONP
Pass' Jeune Opéra/Comédie Française

Using the Pass

Opéra/Comédie-Française 2014/2015 season

The Opera/Comédie-Française, pass for young adults under the age of 28 is available for sale at a price of €20 from September 3rd 2014. The number of passes is limited. The passes are valid for the entire 2014-2015 season from the date of issue to the final performances of the season in both institutions.

The pass is non-transferable (and must include a photo). It can neither be exchanged nor refunded. No duplicate will be issued in the event of loss or theft.

The Pass’ Jeunes Opéra/Comédie-Française young adult pass allows the bearer to book tickets at reduced rates on a selection of performances, dates and seat categories (not including gala evenings or special-event performances). Such tickets are limited to one per Pass holder per performance at the Paris Opera and the Comédie-Française. The relevant seat categories are as follows: Category 4 at the Palais Garnier and Categories 5 and 6 at the Opera Bastille. For the Comédie-Française, the seat categories include Category A, B or C at the Salle Richelieu. There is only one category of seats at the Théâtre du Vieux-Colombier. A complete list of performances and dates is available at (“The Opera and You / Young Adults / Pass’ Jeunes Opéra / Comédie-Française, under the heading “List of pre-bookable performances”).

The Pass' Jeunes young adult pass also allows holders to avoid the lines and enjoy reduced rates on the purchase of last-minute tickets at the Palais Garnier and the Opera Bastille (not including special-event evenings). These tickets are sold according to availability at the Pass' Jeunes rate (€30 for operas, €20 for ballets and symphonic concerts and €10 for "salons musicaux". Tickets for Friday and Saturday evening performances cost €35 for operas and €25 for ballets and symphonic concerts). Holders of the Pass also enjoy free visits to the Palais Garnier.  

Only a limited number of tickets are available for sale. Tickets are non-transferable and cannot be resold. At the time of purchase and when tickets are checked inside the theatre, ticket holders must present their Pass and the non-transferable ticket corresponding to it. Tickets for a performance are only sold by the institution staging the performance.

The terms governing the acquisition and use of theatre tickets purchased with the Pass’ Jeunes Opéra/Comédie-Française young adult pass comply with the latest versions of the General Terms of Sale of each institution.

A copy of the Paris Opera’s General Terms of Sale can be obtained from  the Opera’s box offices or viewed here; those of the Comédie-Française can be obtained from the Comédie-Française.

The Paris Opera’s actions in favour of young audiences enjoy the support of the Fondation BNP Paribas.