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The Palais Garnier

Charles Garnier's masterpiece, the Palais Garnier, is truly impressive with its wealth of decoration, sculptures busts, mosaics, colour and and light. The theatre's public areas, arranged around the Grand Escalier and the auditorium are composed of salons and foyers that can accommodate up to 2000 guests for a cocktail.

the theatre

Adorned in red and gold, illuminated by the immense crystal chandelier and warmed by the bright tones of Marc Chagall’s ceiling –a work commissioned by André Malraux, then Minister for Cultural Affairs, and completed in 1964—the Italian style auditorium boasts a total of 2051 velvet seats.

The foyers

Vast and richly decorated, the foyers are a favourite haunt for theatregoers during the intervals.
The avant Foyer is famous for its mosaic dome in shimmering colours on a gilded background. It offers a magnificent view of the Grand Staircase and the Carré des Caryatides.
The Grand Foyer was designed by Charles Garnier in the spirit of the galleries from the châteaux of the classical age. The interplay of mirrors and windows further accentuates its vast dimensions. The magnificent ceiling painted by Paul Baudry portrays a variety of themes based upon the history of music. The lyre is the principal decorative component. It presides over the entire decorative vocabulary, appearing on the column capitals, the heating grids and the door handles. A replica of the bust of Charles Garnier created by the sculptor Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux stands in the centre of the foyer, close to one of the windows through which one can enjoy a view down the Avenue de l'Opéra all the way to the Louvre.
The two galleries interconnect, allowing for the organization of gala dinners of up to 700 people. An extension to the Grand Foyer, the openwork Loggia offers an unparalleled view of the Avenue de l’Opéra.

Rotonde des abonnés

This circular vestibule once served the subscribers who entered via the covered entrance on the east facade which is now the Opéra Restaurant. The area allocated for the new box office opposite on the western façade opens up a more extensive view, thus enabling the reception of a far greater number of guests. Continuing on from the Rotunda is the majestic bassin de la Pythie, located under the Grand Staircase.

Rotonde du Glacier

This light and airy rotunda is adorned with a painted ceiling by Georges Jules-Victor Clairin and tapestries illustrating a variety of drinks as well as hunting and fishing scenes. Completed after the Opera had opened, this lounge has a distinct 1900 feel. It is perfectly suited to the organisation of more intimate cocktail parties or suppers.

Lower Gallery
Salon Florence Gould

With its large picture windows providing light and opening out onto the city, this gallery is a popular venue for the organization of cocktails, suppers and lectures.

private tours

Backstage tours of the Palais Garnier and the Opéra Bastille may be offered to your guests during your event. Lasting approximately one hour, these tours are led by a bilingual guide and the groups are comprised of a maximum of 30 people.