Jean-Pierre Delagarde / ONP


We propose several ways to make your company visible to our 850,000 spectators and 650,000 visitors.


Participate in the restoration of the Palais Garnier.. A new clause in the national heritage law authorises the display of advertising on scaffolding being used for the restoration of historical monuments on the specific condition that the money collected is used to finance this work. The rampe de l’Empereur, situated on the western facade of the Palais Garnier, is under restoration and offers an advertising space for your company.


Over 170,000 programmes are sold each season. Theatregoers conserve and consult these reference works regularly. The dimensions of the visuals are 164 mm x 240 mm.

Our website

The website of the Paris Opera receives over 6 million visits per year. You have the possibility to advertise on all of the site’s pages by means of a large 728 x 90 pixel banner.

Performance tickets

The reverse side of theatre tickets can host your advertising.
Over an entire season, more than 850,000 tickets are sold, of which about 35% are printed at home by spectators. A 180mm x 40mm visual advertising space is located at the bottom of each printed page.

The annual brochure

120,000 copies of the brochure have been printed for the 2013-2014 season. We can provide you with information about the composition of our audience on request. Please contact us if your corporate would like to purchase a single or double page of advertising space in the brochure for next season 2014-2015.