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AROP brings together more than 3000 opera and ballet enthusiasts, individuals and corporates who wish to support the Paris Opera and be closely involved in its activities. With the goal of "promoting, by every means, the development and renown of the Paris Opera, »,it organises special events which contribute to the prestige of the Opera and whose profits are used to finance productions, tours, educational programmes, the Ballet School, the Atelier Lyrique (Lyric Workshop) ...

Support a project

Certain Paris Opera projects require supplementary funding.
For these projects to see the light of day, the Paris Opera relies on the generosity of benefactors wishing to be closely associated with the life of the two theatres.

Fiscal advantages
Patrons and Major Benefactors
Participate in gala evenings

AROP organises prestigious evenings at the Palais Garnier and the Opéra Bastille.
These gala events are aimed at raising funds to help support the new productions of the Paris Opera.