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Atelier Lyrique

2015-2016 Season

The Paris Opera is offering a training programme giving young singers and coaches on the threshold
of their career the best possible opportunities to achieve professional success.

The aim of the Atelier Lyrique is to prepare these young artists for the conditions of their future profession, by providing them with first-hand experience of the stage and by giving the public the chance to discover their work through concerts and operatic performances.

 Above all, it is crucial for them to learn how to interpret a score, understand its intrinsic drama, acquire a sense of musical discipline and discover what it is to be fully committed to a musical and theatrical project.

Recruitment auditions

There will be no vacancies for coaches during the 2015-2016 season of the Atelier Lyrique.

Auditions for singers will be held in the Studio Bastille (at the Paris Opera - BASTILLE) :
on 5 - 10 January 2015.
Auditions will consist of a series of qualifying phases with a final audition on 10 January 2015.

The activities of the Atelier Lyrique will begin on 1 October 2015.    
Conditions of residence : No fees will be levied.
Students will be paid a monthly stipend of 1.870 euros (before taxes), from October 2015    
up to and including June 2016.    
In some cases, they may be called to work on some productions of the Paris Opera. The stipend imposes certain professional obligations with respect to the Opera which are outlined in a leaflet to  be sent to each candidate along with a notice of their auditions.

Programme of activities

Perfecting and promoting young singers’ talents is a fundamental objective of the Paris Opera. 

 The educational programme includes :
> a structured approach to the various repertoires through workshops organized and overseen by recognised specialists in the field
> role study
> classes around the various works studied (pronunciation classes, diction and vocal control, theatre workshops, body dynamics)
> possible participation in Paris Opera productions (secondary roles or understudies)
> participation in concerts and productions with orchestral accompaniment
Trainees are enrolled for one season with the possibility of continuing for one additional season.


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Singers must be at least 18 years of age and no more than 30 years of age on 1 October 2015, being born after 1 October 1984.    Applications should be sent, by post, no later than 15 December 2014 to :  

Atelier Lyrique - Opéra national de Paris
120, rue de Lyon – 75012 Paris
Telephone: +33 1 40 01 17 52 – Fax: +33 1 40 01 17 87

No applications will be accepted after 15 December 2014.       

Download the application form

All applications must include:
> a photocopy of the candidate’s identity card or passport
> a curriculum vitae outlining the candidate’s educational background and repertoire
> a recent photograph
> an application form correctly filled-out, dated and signed

 Please, do not include recorded material (CD, DVD...) in the application.

The auditions

The jury will be chosen by the Director of the Paris Opera.
Auditions are not open to the public and may not be recorded.

All candidates must prepare a selection of five opera arias in three different languages. One of the three languages must be French. The arias must be memorized and candidates must bring the scores required for the accompanist. The Atelier Lyrique provides candidates with an accompanist. Candidates may be accompanied by their own personal pianist.

The candidate will choose and introduce the first aria.
The jury may listen to all or part of a second aria selected from the list prepared by the candidate.

The results will be made known after 12 January 2015.   

Selected candidates undertake to make themselves wholly available to the Opera for the entire duration of their contract unless they have written authorization to the contrary.
A candidate who has previously signed a contract that could prevent him / her from participating in a Paris Opera production will be eliminated.

All decisions of the jury are final.

Applications which are incomplete, or received after the closing date will not be considered.
• Candidates will be invited to audition only following a pre-selection process, based on their written application
• Successful candidates will be notified by e-mail.
• The date and time of an audition cannot be changed at the candidate’s request.

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