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authorised signatures

List of currently valid authorised signatures as accredited by the director of the Paris Opera

> Monsieur Jean-Louis BLANCO , Administrative and financial director
> Monsieur Valentin ESSRICH , Technical director
> Monsieur Christophe GHRISTI , Director of dramaturgy
> Monsieur Guillaume HEBERT , Orchestra administrative director
> Monsieur Gérald HELWIG , Director of buildings and investments
> Monsieur Pierre-François HEUCLIN , Director of production
> Monsieur Jean-Yves KACED , Commercial and development director
> Madame Brigitte LEFEVRE , Director of Dance
> Monsieur Dominique LEGRAND , Director of social relations and human resources
   ( complementary delegation )
> Madame Christine NEUMEISTER , Director of costumes
> Madame Elisabeth PEZZINO , Director of programming
> Madame Sylvie PIONICA , Director of the stage and planning
> Mademoiselle Elisabeth PLATEL , Director of the Ballet School
> Monsieur Christian SCHIRM , Director of the Atelier Lyrique
> Monsieur Christophe TARDIEU , Deputy director


List of currently valid delegations of authority

> Monsieur Stéphane Lissner , Delegate director

plan d'action

> Plan d’action égalite Hommes/Femmes synthèse 2012

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