©Charles Duprat/OnP
Tuesday 9 December 2014
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Wednesday 16 July 2014
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©Patrick Tourneboeuf/Tendance Floue/OnP
Wednesday 4 June 2014
seen by Patrick Tourneboeuf
For two seasons photographer Patrick Tourneboeuf took possession of the Palais Garnier and the Opéra Bastille, from the public areas to the most secret spaces. This magician of chiaroscuro worked with a view camera using extended pose times. All of a sudden even the darkest corners of both theatres are reborn in light.
Elisa Haberer / OnP
Friday 30 May 2014
La Traviata sera à l’affiche de l’Opéra Bastille du 2 au 20 juin dans une nouvelle production signée Benoît Jacquot mettant en scène Diana Damrau dans le rôle de Violetta Valéry. Ce reportage photo réalisé par (c)Elisa Haberer vous emmène dans les coulisses du spectacle, des ateliers de confection aux salles d'essayage et des studios de répétition à la scène.
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Tuesday 1 April 2014
Christoph W. Gluck / Opéra dansé de Pina Bausch
Orphée et Eurydice is one of Pina Bausch's major works. The choreographer gives life and form to Gluck’s score and establishes a permanent dialogue between song and dance, doubling each of the principal roles. Going beyond mythology, the ballet evokes the fragility of the human condition as it descends into painful introspection.
© Opéra national de Paris - Jean-Pierre Delagarde
Monday 16 December 2013
The new site www.visitepalaisgarnier.fr reveals the history of this unique theatre...
Thursday 28 November 2013
The Paris Opera launches "Les Rendez-vous du mercredi", a brand new offer for spectators. In 2012, the Paris Opera sold 850000 tickets. Nearly 50% of these tickets were sold via the Opera's internet site. Today the Opera has decided to propose flash sales to all its clients, once or twice a month as part of a truly new offer: "Les Rendez-vous du mercredi". These sales, proposed on the Paris...
© Opéra national de Paris - Jean-Pierre Delagarde
Wednesday 20 November 2013
The seasons from 1980 to 1989 are now on line
Since 2011, the Paris Opera has made Mémopéra, available to the public. This database lists both opera and ballet productions. Mémopéra grows with time and the seasons 1980 to 1989 have just been added, thus representing the management periods of Bernard Lefort, Massimo Bogianckino et Jean-Louis Martinoty. It's time to get searching!
Andrea Messana/OnP
Saturday 16 November 2013
I puritani
In 1835, when all Europe was obsessed by Romanticism, the vogue for Bellini's final masterpiece, I Puritani, a tale of impossible love and vengeance set in 17th century England swept all before it, including the composer himself. 
Thursday 17 October 2013
pour la saison 2013-2014
Découvrez la sélection d’opéras et de ballets de la saison 2013-2014 qui seront diffusés en direct dans les cinémas UGC :
Julien Benhamou / OnP
Tuesday 15 October 2013
A moving farewell from Agnes Letestu during the last performance of La Dame aux Camélias by John Neumeier, Thursday, October 10, 2013 at the Palais Garnier.
Thursday 10 October 2013
It was Elektra that in 1906 brought together Richard Strauss and Hugo von Hofmannsthal. With its huge orchestra and vocal writing that pushed singing technique to its limits, Elektra, a one-act tragedy of unprecedented darkness and violence, brought Post-Wagnerianism to a blazing apotheosis. 
Tuesday 8 October 2013
One of the Paris Opera's missions is to protect its public image, nowadays used far too often for commercial reasons by third parties without any authorisation. The Opera also has to develop its intangible heritage by setting up a brand policy enabling it to communicate its values in an original manner.
Thursday 30 May 2013
Soirées Scriabine
Alors que sa voix fera escorte à Varduhi Yeritsyan lors de la première soirée consacrée à l'intégrale des sonates de Scriabine le 4 juin, le comédien Pascal Greggory ravive pour nous ses souvenirs d'enfant à l'Opéra de Paris et son rapport à la musique.
Wednesday 1 May 2013
Grand architecte
En transportant sur la scène lyrique Angelo, tyran de Padoue, Amilcare Ponchielli et Arrigo Boito n'ont pas trahi Hugo : leur Gioconda est l'un des opéras les plus flamboyants du répertoire. Pier Luigi Pizzi met en scène cet ouvrage, entre grand opéra à la française et drame verdien, qui fait se déchirer les coeurs...
Wednesday 1 May 2013
grand architecte
En transportant sur la scène lyrique Angelo, tyran de Padoue, Amilcare Ponchielli et Arrigo Boito n'ont pas trahi Hugo : leur Gioconda est l'un des opéras les plus flamboyants du répertoire. Pier Luigi Pizzi met en scène cet ouvrage, entre grand opéra à la française et drame verdien, qui fait se déchirer les coeurs...
Friday 8 March 2013
Le Ring
Interview with Philippe Jordan (conductor) and Günter Krämer (stage director)Perfromed at the Opera Bastille from 1 to 30 June 2011
Tuesday 26 February 2013
Gioacchino Rossini
The beautiful Isabella sails off to Algiers in search of her lover Lindoro, held prisoner by the tyrant Mustafa. However, the ship runs aground and the adventure begins... An opera buffa infused with madness as only Rossini knows how: the sudden malfunction of the machine he himself has created. 
Tuesday 26 February 2013
La Traviata
After Dumas fils, it was Verdi’s turn to immortalize the Dame aux camélias in a cruel and sublime masterpiece, one of the repertoire’s most gripping. Benoît Jacquot directs Diana Damrau in this opera of love and sacrifice. 
Tuesday 26 February 2013
Rudolf Nureyev
The “Ballet of ballets,” Sleeping Beauty remains one of the jewels in the heritage of dance. Virtuosity together with sumptuous sets and costumes recreate the splendour of one of the most brilliant masterpieces in the classical repertoire.  
Elisa Haberer / OnP
Tuesday 26 February 2013
Jules Massenet
Werther is a long requiem, a "lacrimosa dies illa", a day full of tears and, without doubt, the most personal of all Massenet's works. Roberto Alagna and Karine Deshayes portray the two unhappy lovers in the now legendary production of Benoît Jacquot, conducted by Michel Plasson.
Tuesday 26 February 2013
Tristan und Isolde
Under Philippe Jordan’s baton, this already classic production of Tristan & Isolde brings together producer Peter Sellars and video director Bill Viola. On stage the latter has conceived a world of parallel images: a world beyond life.
Tuesday 26 February 2013
L'incoronazione di Poppea
Neither Fortune nor Virtue can vie with Love who, with a mere wave of the hand, can change the world: such is the message conveyed by Monteverdi’s exquisitely enrapturing music. A poet of space and movement, director Robert Wilson writes a new chapter in his history with the Paris Opera.
Tuesday 26 February 2013
Angelin Preljocaj
Le Parc follows its course through the codes of seduction, from initial encounters through to total self-surrender. To music by Mozart, Angelin Preljocaj questions the relationship with the other, and subtly blends the classical with the modern. 
Tuesday 26 February 2013
Georg Friedrich Haendel
Handel's treatment of the sorceress who transforms men into beast, rock or tree, is a humane and moving portrait of suffering womanhood. Robert Carsen's production finely exploits this web of hidden desires.  
Tuesday 26 February 2013
Vincenzo Bellini
When adapting the legend of the doomed lovers to opera, librettist Romani gave it a still gloomier mood: the quarrel between the two families becomes an implacable and bloody feud. Karine Deshayes and Ekaterina Siurina lend their voices to Romeo and Juliette to complement Bellini’s intensely dramatic music. 
Tuesday 26 February 2013
Giacomo Puccini
In Paris, a young man and a young woman meet, fall in love, are separated by life and then reunited again before the ultimate separation. Each phrase of La Bohème touches us for ever.  
Tuesday 26 February 2013
Presentation by Brigitte Lefèvre
The Bolshoi Theatre Ballet presents Lost Illusions, a creation by Alexei Ratmansky, based on the novel by Balzac. The choreographer’s neoclassical language stands out in a great narrative ballet with a French flavour. This is a grand story of thwarted love, ambition and disillusionment in which the dancers reveal their talents and the choreographer, another facet of his work....
Friday 22 February 2013
Concerts symphoniques
Philippe Jordan, Directeur musical de l'Opéra, présente les concerts symphoniques de la saison 2013-2014.
Thursday 15 November 2012
Dix Mois d'Ecole et d'Opéra
Wednesday 24 October 2012
Martina Serafin interprètera le rôle-titre de Tosca dans la nouvelle production de Pierre Audi.Elle avait incarnée la célèbre cantatrice dans la mise en scène de Werner Schroeter lors de la saison 2012-2013 et évoquait son personnage...
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Wednesday 11 April 2012
in the United-States
Le Ballet de l’Opéra de Paris se rend aux Etats-Unis du 26 juin au 22 juillet pour une tournée qui l’entraînera à Chicago, Washington et New York. Invitée pour la première fois à Chicago, la Compagnie interprètera, du 26 juin au 1er juillet, Giselle et un « programme français » réunissant...
Sunday 29 May 2011
Dix mois d'Ecole et d'Opéra
Extraits du spectacle de Dix mois d'Ecole et d'OpéraEntretiens avec Danièle Fouache, Laurent Pejoux, Dominique Laudet (Dix mois d'école et d'opéra) A l'affiche du Palais Garnier le 26 juin 2011