Wednesday 15 February 2012
Dix mois d’École et d’Opéra

On Monday February 6th the pupils of the "4ème 3 class" of the Gustave Flaubert secondary school in Paris' 13th arrondissement, in the first year of the Dix mois d’Ecole et d’Opéra programme, met Philippe Fénelon at the Palais Garnier. It was an opportunity for them to ask him questions about his career as a composer and his current work at the...

Thursday 9 February 2012
Ouverture de la bourse aux billets pour les spectateurs
CLIQUEZ ICI POUR ACCÉDER A LA BOURSE AUX BILLETS L’Opéra national de Paris a conclu avec la société zePASS (filiale de Digitick, elle-même filiale de Vivendi), première place de marché de billetterie d’occasion en France, un accord pour la création d’une billetterie d’occasion permanente pour tous ses spectacles. Celle...
Tuesday 7 February 2012
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Of the three operas written with Da Ponte, Don Giovanni is undoubtedly the darkest and most desperate. Philippe Jordan conducts in the radical and captivating production by the Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke.
Tuesday 7 February 2012
Jean-Philippe Rameau - New production
The staggering contrast between the severe and classical Racinian tragedy and the heady enchantments of baroque opera makes Rameau's first opera utterly unique and fascinating. A founding work in the history of opera.
Tuesday 7 February 2012
Compagnie Invitée
Guest company at the Palais Garnier, the Tokyo Ballet presents one of the most striking works in its repertoire, Kabuki, created by Maurice Béjart in 1986. To original music by Toshiro Mayuzumi, the choreographer recounts the age-old legend of the 47 Ronins symbolizing the values of loyalty, sacrifice and devotion.
Tuesday 7 February 2012
2011-2012 season
Alongside the annual demonstrations providing an opportunity to appreciate the wealth and breadth of the training offered to the pupils of the Paris Opera Ballet School, directed today by Elisabeth Platel, this performance brings together three ballets with contrasting choreographic languages and musical universes.
Tuesday 7 February 2012
Sergueï Prokofiev
Drawing inspiration from Gozzi and his surrealist theatre and the great Russian dramatist Meyerhold, Prokofiev composes one of the most joyful opera buffa in history, a brilliant and delectable fable and a radical, exhilarating piece of anti-theatre which is a marvel to all: young and not so young, old and not so old.
Tuesday 7 February 2012
Frederick Ashton
The oldest action ballet in the French repertoire, La Fille mal gardée is also the first modern one. First performed just days before the French Revolution, its success was immediate. The work is performed in the virtuoso version, replete with humour, tenderness and gaiety, imagined by British choreographer Frederick Ashton in 1960.
Tuesday 7 February 2012
Kenneth MacMillan
Inspired by L'Abbé Prévost’s legendary heroes, Kenneth MacMillan reconstructs the tragic story of the sensual yet naïve creature who is more victim than architect of her own fate. In Regency Paris, bourgeois society gorges itself on luxury and easy pleasures. The choreographer constructs his ballet on a mosaic of extracts from Massenet finding in the music the drama...
Tuesday 7 February 2012
Rudolf Noureev
Marius Petipa's seminal work La Bayadère, recounting the impossible love between the sacred dancer Nikiya and the warrior Solor, remained unknown for a long time in the West. It was only in 1992, at the end of both his career and his life, that Rudolf Nureyev revived the ballet in a version of which the Paris Opera is the sole legatee.
Tuesday 7 February 2012
Sasha Waltz
The legend of the martyred lovers of Verona, immortalised by Shakespeare, is revisited for the Paris Opera Ballet by one of the key figures of contemporary dance, Sasha Waltz. To Berlioz’s dramatic symphony, combining music, song and dance, the choreographer evokes all the emotion inherent in this tragic love story.
Sunday 5 February 2012
Dances at a Gathering / Appartement
Two choreographers with radically different styles and artistic journeys offer their piercing visions of human relationships. Haunted by Chopin, Jerome Robbins brings together five pairs of dancers to the rhythm of waltzes and mazurkas. Accompanied by the group Fleshquartet, Mats Ek devises eleven sequences like so many chronicles of everyday life.
Wednesday 1 February 2012
Lors de la saison 2012-2013, la Tétralogie de Richard Wagner revient à l'affiche de l'Opéra de Paris. Retrouvez des extraits vidéo, musicaux, photographies de spectacles, témoignages et entretiens avec les artistes sur notre site ring.operadeparis.fret abonnez-vous dès maintenant