General terms

General terms of sale - group tickets / practical information

The general terms of sale outlined below apply to ticket sales for groups (10 seats or more) for the 2013-2014 season.
The Paris Opera reserves the right to change the general terms of sale at any time.


Group subscriptions are intended for employee organizations , associations, groups of friends and educational groups. Subscriptions for the 2013-2014 may be ordered for a minimum of 10 seats, as of February 28, 2013 by the person acting as group representative/proxy. Orders will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis from February 28 through May 24, 2013 subject to availability. The Opéra Passion and Trios Danse subscriptions will have priority until March 22, 2013.


Group subscriptions may be ordered as follows :

> By internetat

> By fax, e-mail or regular mail using the specific form provided only . Order forms must be sent to the following address:
Opéra national de Paris
Service Groupes
8 rue Scribe
75009 Paris

or they may be faxed to +33 1 40 01 25 40 .

Orders accepted by the Paris Opera will be specifically confirmed by the Opera within three weeks.

Only written confirmation of the group orders giving a summary of the requested order (performance, price category, number of seats, individual price and total amount) guarantees the group representative that the order has been accepted and confirmed. Once such confirmation has been received, recipients are recommended to verify the contents of the order. Any complaints pertaining to an order should be made immediately by telephone (01 40 01 80 54) and confirmed in writing to the Service Groupes of the Paris Opera.

If the group representative who placed the order has given prior agreement, seats may be allocated in a seat category immediately above or below the category initially requested, should no seats be available in the category initially requested.


All prices are quoted in euros per seat and include VAT. The Paris Opera reserves the right to change the price of tickets at any time. However, any such change will not apply to orders already confirmed by the Opéra national de Paris.
Subscriptions must be paid for in full in one single payment in euros by May 24, 2013 at the latest:

> By bank card (Mastercard, Visa, Amex, JCB) : Please include the card number, expiration date and security code.

> By cheque or postal order made out to Opéra National de Paris. All cheques must be drawn on a French bank

> By split payment: If your subscription is comprised of 4 performances or more, you may split your payment into two or three instalments depending on the subscription plan. All split payments will be subject to a €10 surcharge per subscription plan to cover processing costs which will be added to the first instalment. Subscriptions comprised of less than 4 performances must be paid for in full. Subscriptions comprised of 4 performances may be paid for in two instalments, and those comprised of 5 performances or more may be paid for in three instalments. All split payments will be payable monthly by direct debit. The first instalment will be debited on the 10th of the month following the processing of your request. The remaining instalments will be debited according to the payment schedule that will be sent to you.

Any other form of payment not specified in the present general terms of sale will not be accepted by the Paris Opera.
If payment is not received by the due date indicated on the confirmation notice, the reserved seats will be put back on sale.
Once payment has been received the order is considered to be confirmed and cannot be exchanged, cancelled or modified.

In the event that you wish to make split payments, please include the following with your order:
> Signed authorization for direct debit,
> Relevant banking details (the account to be debited must be based in France),
> A stamped envelope bearing the name and address of the bank from which the direct debit will be made. We cannot process direct debits on accounts with banks located outside of France. No direct debits will be processed after November 10, 2013.

All means of payment that are not provided for in the general terms of sale will be refused by the Opéra national de Paris. If payment is not received before the payment deadline indicated on the confirmation notification, the tickets will be put back on sale. Once payments have been received, all orders are definitive and may not be exchanged, cancelled or modified.


The Paris Opera reserves the right to modify its productions and in particular to propose a concert version when conditions do not allow for the presentation of the performance as originally planned. The Paris Opera reserves the right to make changes to the cast.
In the event that a performance has to be cancelled by the Paris Opera, except in the event of an act of God which expressly includes the requisition of the Opera for any reason by any State authority and/or in the event of a general strike the sums paid by the customer will be refunded by the Opera, upon request from the group representative within a maximum of three months following the date of the performance in question and upon presentation of the complete ticket and bank detail (RIB or bank card number with expiration date), excluding any other right to additional financial damages or compensation such as travelling or accommodation expenses. Tickets will not be refunded if the performance has to be halted after its midway point.


Tickets will be sent out in a single mailing for single payments, and in two or three mailings for split payments. In the event that a direct debit payment is rejected, the Paris Opera will defer sending the tickets until the following month when the direct debit request will be re-presented to the bank. After full or partial payment has been received, subscription tickets will be sent to the group representative by July 15th at the latest. No tickets may be collected directly from the Paris Opera without its prior agreement. Tickets will be sent by regular mail (tickets sent to addresses in France will be subject to a €6 processing fee. Tickets to addresses abroad will be subject to a €10 processing fee). Tickets may be sent by registered mail at the customer’s request. The customer will be charged a €10 processing fee for tickets sent to addresses in France and a €15 processing fee for tickets sent to addresses abroad. The Paris Opera cannot be held responsible for any loss, theft or delay of tickets that may arise during delivery. All complaints concerning tickets should be made by telephone (+33 1 40 01 80 54) and confirmed in writing to the Paris Opera upon reception of tickets.

Any change of postal or e-mail address or change of the group's representative after an order has been made must be notified immediately by mail to the following address:
Palais Garnier
Service Groupes
8 rue Scribe
75009 Paris.

No refunds will be made by the Paris Opera in the event that tickets could not be delivered due to failure to signal a change of address or a change of representative as stated in the previous conditions.

No duplicate tickets will be issued except with the specific agreement of the Paris Opera and they will be limited to numbered seats only. If such agreement is given the duplicate tickets will be available for collection at the Paris Opera on the evening of the performance. In the event that the performance is cancelled, under the conditions stated in article 4, duplicate tickets, after specific authorisation from the Paris Opera, will be reimbursed by mail only (on condition that the relevant bank details and/or bank card and expiration date are attached).


Tickets cannot be returned, exchanged, resold, or refunded, notably in the event of loss or theft(as per the law of 27.06.1919 pertaining to the trafficking of theatre tickets) . As such, the Paris Opera reserves the right to refuse access to any person in possession of a ticket obtained from an organization other than the Paris Opera or a third party mandated by the Opera.
Any holder of a ticket obtained within the current offer is forbidden to use that ticket for any promotional or commercial purposes. Failure to respect this clause will result in legal action.
In particular, the sale, resale or exchange of tickets without the specific consent of the Opéra national de Paris is strictly forbidden and will result in legal action as provided for under the French penal Code (the law of June 17, 1919).


Appropriate attire is required. Only those people holding a valid ticket will be allowed in the auditorium. Each ticket is valid for one seat only. Ticket holders may not sell or distribute any product or item on the Opera's premises. Auditorium doors are closed as soon as the curtain is raised. Latecomers will be obliged to wait until the end of the first scene or first act of the performance to be seated. Photography, filming, or recording of all or part of a performance is strictly prohibited. It is forbidden to consume food and/or drink in the auditorium. Children under the age of three are not allowed in the theatres except for performances specifically intended for them.


All claims must be made in writing and sent to the Opéra National de Paris by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, to the following address:

Service des Relations avec le public
Opéra national de Paris
120 rue de Lyon
75576 Paris cedex 12.

In the case of a time-limit, the postmark will provide the proof-of-posting date. Customers enjoying special conditions of access to Opéra National de Paris performances as a result of special agreements between the Opéra National de Paris and a partner (theatre, museum, airline, etc.) may under no circumstances hold the Opéra National de Paris responsible for any failure of the aforementioned partner to fulfil obligations. In the case of productions which are not produced by the Opéra National de Paris, general terms of sale should be checked at the performance venue or the producer's main office.

The general terms of sale for the 2013-2014 season are subject to change.
Date of the latest revision:  January 16, 2013