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Teachers at the opera

Educational aids

Preparatory files

A few weeks prior to the performance, a preparatory file is sent to teachers to prepare pupils for their visit to the Opera. This file introduces the work, the production and sheds light on the theme, the period, the technical aspects, the performers...

Workshops for teachers

For certain productions, all teachers taking their classes to a performance will benefit from one or more workshops so as to immerse themselves in the work.
During these workshops, they will enjoy a pragmatic and practical approach to several elements of the production and thereby acquire material that they can put to use during their own work in class. In this way, they can pass on keys to understanding to their pupils.

Training for teachers

A regular collaboration with University Institutes for Teacher Training and Local Education Authorities enables activities to be organised at Garnier and Bastille as part of culture and music training courses, designed for initial or continuous teacher training.

Teachers who undertake this training then become our privileged partners equipped with the tools for raising their pupils’ awareness of opera and ballet and acquainted with the resources made available by the Opera.