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Educational projects

Visits – Interviews – Performances

Discovering the world of the Opera through visits, interviews and performances is at the core of the students’ progress through the DMEO programme. These are the incontrovertible highlights of the projects elaborated by the classes. They spur on preparatory work in school and make it concrete. Thanks to the help provided by the teachers in school, those privileged moments, organized throughout the school year, encourage the students’ thinking and are an essential part of the artistic and cultural educational journey which is experienced by each student. Visiting monuments of architectural heritage, meeting with artistic, technical and administrative professionals, and attending rehearsals or performances are essential supports for school learning of various school subjects and for the acquisition of knowledge, competence and social behaviour.

Writing and creating art within the classroom as a result of these visits is expected and is consistent with the requirements of the national curriculum. Each of these productions is brought into relief in the Journal.

Visiting the architectural heritage of the National Paris Opera

The students, together with the teachers, discover the two theatres of the National Paris Opera: Palais Garnier and the Bastille Opera.

Depending on their projects, the students may also visit the Berthier Workshops and the National Opera School of Ballet in Nanterre.

These visits are discussed in class with teachers of different subjects with regard to all the information gathered.

A visit to the sewing workshop in Palais Garnier is offered to the parents and various staff members of the schools involved in the programme.

The involvement of their families is essential to the progress of their children and contributes to their success.

Interviews with artists and technical and administrative staff

These interviews are planned according to the class projects. The National Paris Opera staff members are happy to show the multiple facets – often unsuspected- of their craft and wish to pass on their knowledge and know-how by answering the students’ questions which they have prepared with great care beforehand. Through the frequent and direct contact with those without whom the shows would not exist, the students become familiar with what happens behind the scenes and often find answers to their questioning of the working world.


The students attend public performances or rehearsals at the Paris National Opera, under their teachers’ supervision.

These performances represent the apex of all the preparatory work done in class. They reflect the themes studied at school and are consistent with educational subjects and school curricula.

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