Agathe Poupeney / ONP
Ten Months of School and Opera

Educational projects

The teaching teams of the 33 schools involved in DMEO are asked to elaborate projects bearing in mind all the possibilities offered by the Opera: the Season programme, the artistic currents and works underpinning the performances but also lines of thought linked to the stage (spatial projection of the body, building of a performance, technical and artistic crafts). These projects are also consistent with the national curriculum. Each project corresponds to an original approach, consisting in interviews, meetings and performances all consistent with the chosen theme.

After choosing the general theme, the teaching team agrees on the objectives for the different school subjects and prepares the students’ productions (texts, shows, exhibitions, videos, and drawings) so as to finalise the progression of the project. Each student works toward the completion of the project by responding to the teachers’ demands, and by making suggestions along the way.

Depending on the project, the teaching team may organize artistic practice workshops within the class timetable: the students are thus given the opportunity to develop new skills which will promote self-esteem and the capacity of showing others completed work and corresponding school results.

Finally, the team envisages the evaluation of the students’ works in various ways: an assessment, each term, which takes into account the acquisition of new skills, self-evaluation by the students, etc… DMEO offers the teachers an evaluation grid which groups items according to four criteria:

>Acquisition of social competences including behaviour
>Academic achievements
>Personality development
>Sensitivity to the arts

A written assessment, illustrated by concrete examples, completes this grid.

The teams, as they enter the programme, first during daylong training sessions, then between September and November, put together then present their class projects to the other teachers in the Bastille studio.

The DMEO team accompanies the teachers through each step of the creating of the projects. A synthetic presentation of all the projects is printed in the Carnet d’Opéra (Opera Notebook) which is then sent to all the schools involved and all the programme partners.

Artistic Practice Workshops

Part of the educational projects built by the teaching team in connection with the Opera comes in the form of artistic practice workshops. Artists and teachers co-build a programme which takes into account both shared progressive learning and the students’ creativity in such domains as dancing, singing, acting, writing and the visual arts…


Discovering the world of the Opera through visits, interviews and performances is at the core of the students’ progress through the DMEO programme. These are the incontrovertible highlights of the projects elaborated by the classes. They spur on preparatory work in school and make it concrete.

Thanks to the help provided by the teachers in school, those privileged moments, organized throughout the school year, encourage the students’ thinking and are an essential part of the artistic and cultural educational journey which is experienced by each student. Visiting monuments of architectural heritage, meeting with artistic, technical and administrative professionals, and attending rehearsals or performances are essential supports for school learning of various school subjects and for the acquisition of knowledge, competence and social behaviour.