Agathe Poupeney / OnP
Ten Months of School and Opera


The Ten Months of School and Opera programme is an exceptional partnership between the Paris Opera and the Local Education Authorities of Paris, Versailles and Creteil that has been running since 1991, intended for pupils from Priority Education Zones who do not have easy access to art and culture. All the teaching teams involved in the programme contribute to the success of each pupil over two consecutive years by developing multidisciplinary programmes with high artistic and cultural content, based on the world of the Opera.

Classes provide project based learning, with projects centred around visits to the four Paris Opera sites, regular meetings with Opera professionals and attendance at rehearsals and performances of opera and ballet. Thanks to the sponsorship supporting the Ten Months of School and Opera programme, these projects can be enhanced by workshops allowing the pupils to take up an artistic activity – dance, singing, music, theatre, visual arts.

Since the development of each programme takes place both in the classroom and at the Opera, pupils learn to prepare for each outing, to explain their discoveries, to express their emotions and questions and to develop their critical faculties. They acquire responsibility by working together on new topics. The programme develops listening skills, autonomy, respect, dialogue and team working. At the same time, the creativity of each pupil contributes to the preparation of performances, presentations which show off the infinite diversity of productions linked to the many facets of the Opera.

Every year, the Ten Months of School and Opera programme publishes an Opera Notebook and the Journal “DIX MOIS!” which reflects not only the richness and originality of all the educational projects but also the inventiveness and sense of observation exhibited by the pupils.

Ten Months of School and Opera is developing new perspectives: the first “1, 2, 3, Opera!” festival took place at the Bastille amphitheatre in June 2013, allowing the pupils to demonstrate to an audience of three thousand the many aspects of their work through several performances and a large exhibition in the amphitheatre’s public areas. A conference on artistic education at school took place during this period at the Studio Bastille. A second festival will take place in 2015. In the meantime, 2013-2014 sees the opening of a national programme through a partnership with the Operas and Local Education Authorities of Nancy and Reims based around a project linked to the artistic movements that marked the Great War.

Le programme pédagogique Dix Mois d'École et d'Opéra reçoit le soutien exceptionnel de la Fondation Total, de GDF SUEZ ainsi que le généreux concours de l'AROP, de Philippe et Karine Journo/Compagnie de Phalsbourg, de Barden et Flavia Gale, d’Ursula Naccache, de Sabine Masquelier, d'Alex Vannod, de Claude et Tuulikki Janssen et de la Eloise Susanna Gale Foundation.