Agathe Poupeney / OnP

Tell me Europe

Within the framework of the “2008 intercultural dialogue year”, DMEO initiated a project, including a partnership with cultural institutions from three European countries: the Amsterdam MUZtheater, the Cagliari Teatro Lirico, and the Budapest Magyar Allami Operahaz.

The objective was both to promote an intercultural dialogue through the exchange of artistic, professional, intergenerational and intercultural experiences and to create a show “De Vérone ou d’ailleurs” at the Bastille opera amphitheatre in December 2008, with 80 students coming from socially deprived backgrounds with a restricted access to culture.

For nearly a whgole year, the students learnt to listen to one another, to ask questions of one another and to acknowledge and cherish their differences. They wrote a blog in which they presented their country, their city and their project; the exchange led each student to recognize common values. Art and culture became a means of creating links and contacts.

In each country, the students were given the opportunity – as is at the core of the DMEO programme- to learn about the architectural heritage of their theatre, to meet with professionals, to attend weekly artistic practice workshops with a choir master and a choreographer, and to reinvest this knowledge in academic productions.   

The Journal entitled “Tell Me Europe” printed the writings and drawings and posters produced by all the classes involved in the partnership in the four countries, thus contributing to the extension and influence of the project.