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Ten Months of School and Opera


THE SHOWS Dix Mois d’École et d’Opéra

Since the programme began, students have given performances every year at the Bastille Opera Amphitheatre.
Three classes, each representing one of the LEAs involved, are chosen to highlight their work. The shows, symbolizing the DMEO spirit, are performed several times for the students’ families, for members of the teaching community and all the members of the public interested in DMEO.

In 2012-2013, the first DMEO Festival “1,2,3 Opera!” brought into relief the work of all the classes involved in the programme, both on stage and through a vast exhibition shown through the public spaces of the amphitheatre. Four performances , doubled by their dress rehearsals, allowed some 250 students (13 classes) to create a three-part opera, a musical show, a recital a “limelight” evening and two choreographies in connection with the Paris Opera Season.

The diversity of productions revealed to the public the extent of the work elaborated throughout the year and to the students on stage the power to arouse emotions, thanks to a rigorous personal and collective commitment.

In 2013-2014, a project of national scope, associating DMEO to the Reims and Amiens Operas and LEAs will allow 4 classes chosen within these LEAs to create a show centred on some of the artistic currents running through World War I.

Meanwhile, all the DMEO classes wishing to participate in this experience will work on themes related to the “14+18” project and will work on an itinerant exhibition which will accompany the show in Paris, Reims and Amiens.

The lyricists, composers, directors, choreographers and choir masters always suggest work perspectives to the teachers, which will reinforce an original educational approach based on listening, respect, commitment, autonomy-seeking and knowledge of the works involved.

A DMEO show implies the possibility for students to thoroughly and deeply engage in an artistic prospect. They can make theirs a specific journey, step by step, by reflecting on the meaning of their involvement, and by moving from the wings to the stage, to undergo the experience of performing, overcoming fears linked to lack of self-confidence. The students’ performances represent both the end of the accomplished journey, and its artistic expression. Getting acquainted with art is often a decisive step toward achievement for students when it implies an artistic and educational itinerary leading to the realisation of an original performance.

DMEO shows at the Bastille Opera Amphitheatre since 1992:

« Festival 1,2,3, Opéra !» June 2013
« L’Oiseau de Glace » (« The Ice Bird ») Creation June 2012
« Lumières » (“Lights”) Creation June  2011, Palais Garnier and Bastille opera Amphitheatre: creation on the occasion of the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the DMEO programme.
« La Toile enchantée » (« The Enchanted Web ») June 2010
« De Vérone ou d’ailleurs » (« From Verona and from Elsewhere ») December 2008 : DIS-MOI L’EUROPE (TELL ME EUROPE: the European project)
« Contes à Rebours » (« Tales Told Backwards ») June 2008
« Rivages » (« Shores ») June 2007
« Mozart Porte 3 » (“Mozart MP3”but also “Mozart, Access Through Door 3”) May 2006
« De la bouche à l’oreille » ( « Word of Mouth ») April 2006
« A pleine voix » (« Full-throated ») June 2004
« Mode Espagne Opéra » ( « Spain Opera Fashion Show ») May 2003
« Quelqu’un en haut de la falaise » ( Someone on Top of the Cliff ») June 2002
« Les enfants d’Ulysse » (Ulysses’ Children »)  June 2001
« Nous irons tous à l’Opéra » (We will All Go to the Opera »)  June 2000
« Flûte ! » (« Flute » but also « Dash it ! ») June 1999
« Suite à un mouvement… » ( Due to a Movement…”) June 1998
« Roméo et Juliette » (« Romeo and Juliet ») June 1997
« Les mille et une nuits de l’Opéra » (“One Thousand and One Nights at the Opera ») June 1996
« Le Navire Opéra » («  The Opera Ship ») June 1995
« Les fantômes de l’Opéra » (« the Phantoms of the Opera ») June 1994
« Les 7 péchés capitaux » (« The Seven Deadly Sins ») July1993
« Carmen » July1992

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