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Ten Months of School and Opera


Forward Lipdub

Here is the lipdub produced by the students in Communication of the Jacques Brel High School in the city La Courneuve, in cooperation with the Company pm (with the choreograph Philippe Ménard) as part of the pedagogical program Dix Mois d'École et d'Opéra.

2013-2014 Project of National Extension

As part of the Centenary celebrations of World War I, four classes from the Versailles, Créteil, Reims and  Nancy LEAs will participate in the creation of the show entitled “14+18” which will be performed in 2014 at the Bastille Opera Amphitheatre, at the Reims Opera and at the Amiens Opera.

The students will thus have to appropriate the cultural heritage of this decisive period, and will discover the artistic currents and main cultural figures of the time.

Two classes (2nd form in high school and 5th year in primary school) were chosen in Reims and in Amiens, both cities emblematic of regions especially stricken during the first world war, as well as two classes from the Paris outskirts (Argenteuil and Aubervilliers) will study, both at school and at the Opera, the artistic, historical and educational elements which will allow them to go on  an original artistic and cultural journey throughout the school year. Within a coproduction of the three Operas, the cities and schools involved will contribute to the realization of the project: field work, student trips supervised by teacher teams, discovery of places and patrimonial works.

From September 2013 to June 2014, the students will prepare the show: weekly rehearsals will take place in local structures put at the disposal of the teams by the cities, or at the three Operas.
Together with the teachers, each artistic team (acting teacher, choir master, pianist, and choreographer) will organize the students’ rehearsals, in coordination with the artistic coordination team which will regularly visit them to follow the evolution of the project. The artistic and educational team will supervise together, step by step, the putting together of the musical show.

The “14+18” project has been awarded the “Mission of the World War I Centenary” label.


Christophe GHRISTI : Artistic director


Artistic coordination team

Marie-Eve SIGNEYROLE : Co-lyricist, director
Simon HATAB : Co-lyricist
Lucie LARNICOL: Musical director
Julie COMPANS: Choreographer



Local artistic teams :

Argenteuil and Aubervilliers :

Denis MORIN : Artistic collaborator to the director
Lucie LARNICOL : Choir master
Julie COMPANS : Choreographer
Chui Kuan FUANG : pianist



Reims :

Pascal ADAM : Artistic collaborator to the director
Céline COESSENS : Choreographer
Frédéric AMMAN : Choir master
Claire DECARSIN: Pianist



Laxou (Nancy) :

Maxime PERROTIN : Artistic collaborator to the director and choreographer
Pierre-Emmanuel KUNTZ : Choir master


Fabien TEIGNÉ : Scenographer
Benoit MENUT : Musical arrangements


Students in a 1914 class together with students in a 2014 one bring to the stage the realities linked to the Great War through dialogues and emblematic musicsand transport the spectators through space and time.

Dates of performances

Amphithéâtre Bastille

June 14th at 7pm.
June 15th at 3pm

L’Opéra de Reims

June 24th at 2:30pm. and at 8pm.

L’Opéra de Nancy

June 27th at 2:30pm. and at 8pm.



The 33 classes involved in DMEO this year, with the addition of the two classes from Reims and Amiens, are invited to produce paintings and poems linked to the 1914-1918 artistic currents which will find pride of place in an exhibition presented in Paris, Reims and Amiens at the same time as the show. All writings and plastic productions will be highlighted in the “Dix mois” Journal.

As a complement, an evening linked to the chosen theme will take place at the Bastille Opera Amphitheatre by the new instrumental class of the Poissonniers school, including the former “Little Violins” and a choir composed of the teachers on June 18th 2014 at 7pm.